Metallic Flexible Hose

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Metallic Flexible Hose

Metallic Flexible Hose for marine engine system

 HMF-501 : Swivel Type

HMF-502 : Fixed Type 

  [Material Spec.]


      Bellows :  STS316L, STS304

​      Wire Braid : STS304             

      ​Flange : SS400, STS316L, STS304
      Lap Joint : STPG370, STS316L, STS304

        Application : Vibration absorption and preventing heat stress 

                           ​in piping of marine engines.
        Press. Range : 0.1 bar ~ 30 bar
        Temp. Range : Max. 300℃
        Service : Fresh Water, Exhaust Gas, Lub. Oil, Fuel Oil, etc


​   Model no. HMF-501 and HMF-502 are metallic flexible hoses and applied to the marine engine system. 

​   These are used for to absorb the minute vibrations of the engine. The safety of these models is verified by using on ships over 20 years.

   Furthermore these models passed all tests about the metallic flexible hose of ISO 10380 and have gained type approvals of each classification society. 

















   The above type is the type that is applied to the engine part of the current HHI, STX, DOOSAN ENGINE, etc.

   Flange connection and "face to face" length  can be transformed by request of customer (JIS, ANSI, DIN, etc).

   The Bellows and Wire Braid can be single ply or multi-ply depending on the pressure.





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